Evlogia Eco Care is a Bangalore-based company that comes up with eco-friendly and healthy innovations meant for daily use by common people. The term Evlogia is Greek for blessing. We believe that the earth is not just our home but a boon granted to us by creation. The earth is a blessing. We must treat it as such.

One necessary path to caring for our earth is to find a solution for the damage plastics cause it.

Evlogia’s goal is to provide the world with alternatives to plastic and other non-biodegradable articles used in homes, offices, hotels and other places. Tapping into the knowledge, expertise and creativity of people who believe in working towards a sustainable world, Evlogia has already come up with the patented Leafy Straws. This is an alternative to plastic straws, made entirely out of fallen coconut leaves.

At Evlogia Eco Care we believe that it is possible to find in nature everything that we need for our daily living, without having to resort to products that harm the only home we have – the earth

We believe that it is possible to come up with products that positively impact the environment, the society as well as the end-user.

Firstly, products innovated by Evlogia are eco-friendly, being 100% organic and biodegradable. They thus work towards solving problems of global consequence.

Secondly, Evlogia will provide sustainable work and business to women’s self-help groups, small farmers and other micro entrepreneurs, thus greatly benefiting India’s rural poor

Thirdly, these products are unequivocally a healthier option to the end-user when compared to those made out of plastics and other materials.

Through extensive research, Evlogia has come up with three products that love the earth.

Leafy Straws – Save the world in every sip.

Leafy Straws are 100% organic biodegradable single-use drinking straws made out of dried leaves that have fallen to the ground naturally. These leaves sometimes cause harm to the environment in a less apparent way – they are often burnt, sending polluting fumes into the air. Instead, Leafy Straws puts them to good use, being an alternative to plastic and thus being eco-friendly and healthier to the user. Enjoy every sip with pride, without guilt!

Some facts are abundantly clear:

  • It is high time the world came together to get rid of plastics.
  • Though for reasons of hygiene sipping with single-use straws are necessitated, there are even now no viable alternatives for
    plastic straws.
  • It is wrong to think paper straws are totally environment-friendly as paper is made by cutting trees. Besides, they are also not
    economically viable.
  • Some other alternatives have time and again been suggested, but none of them catch on because they are not feasible for large-scale
    production and do not make commercial sense.

An idea that came, well, naturally.

Leafy Straws are the need of the hour quite obviously and quite from a global point of view. Made from fallen palm leaves that might otherwise be burnt, emitting thick fumes, these straws do not contain any chemicals that can enter the body of the end-user. The only side-effect they have is a good one; they will help the rural economy in coconut-growing South Asian countries.

Manigandan Kumarappan

Manigandan Kumarappan, Chief Executive Officer

Mani is a software architect by training and a passionate earth-lover by inclination. After having worked for about two decades as a consultant to several multinationals and corporate software giants, he finally turned an agro-tech entrepreneur. Besides Evlogia Eco Care, Mani has also successfully founded another agro-tech company based in India.

Dr. Saji Varghese

Dr. Saji Varghese, Product Development

A professor at an esteemed academic institution, Dr. Saji is a self-driven research scholar. He likes to lace his rational, scientific thinking with a little imagination and creativity. He strongly believes that ‘thinking with feeling’ can be a solution to some seemingly insurmountable problems. That was how he went on to invent the dried leaves-based drinking straws and filed a patent for them.

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