Organic Cutleries

Made out of Rice Bran with Natural Binder (100% vegetable based)

With zero plastic or synthetic addition 

Multiple sizes: 6 / 8 / 10 inches diameter

Animal Edible 

GMO free, Vegan friendly


Shelf life: 10 months with proper storage conditions (store in cool and dry conditions, away from direct sunlight and moisture)

Disposability: Biodegrade naturally in soil within 80 days, Backyard compostable, Marine disposable.

Functional Life: Plain plates are good for dry foods up to 3 hours, semi solid food up to 1 hour and liquid food up to 20 minutes. For fluid food content we recommend plates with added bio barrier coating.

Bio barrier coating Properties: Naturally derived barrier coating solution, 100% eco-friendly and bio derived, certified for food safe and natural soil composability. Can withstand hot and cold fluid food contents for more than 1 hour..

10" Plate

6"/8" Plate


Coffee Lid