For best results insert the angled edge inside your beverage and sip with the round edge.


Leafy Straws are made out of dried and fallen coconut palm leaf.

Leafy Straws are very sturdy and remain intact in liquid for many hours without getting soggy! In a few occasions these coconut leaf straws may unwind at one edge due to the nature of the leaves. Even in such scenarios they will stay intact comfortably to sip your juice full.

Absolutely, unlike plastic or wax coated paper straws coconut leaf straws won’t cause any reaction or issues with hot beverages and can be used with full confidence. They stay intact in hot beverages up to 30 minutes.

Yes, our coconut leaf straws are certified by SGS for US FDA direct food contact norms. We have more certifications depending on the country of supply. Our production process is ISO certified.

There is a good amount of labour involved in collection of raw material and making of these organic straws. Our coconut leaf straws are made by rural women staff from poor living conditions by following strict hygiene protocols. Hence our straws are slightly pricier when compared to plastic. But we make sure they are not costlier than good quality paper straws or any other natural straws. Please contact us for bulk pricing

Leafy Straw is binded by a certified food grade glue that is biodegradable which is completely safe when it comes in contact with liquids. In terms of weight the adhesive used is less than 0.5% of the coconut leaf straw.

Absolutely not. This shining is the natural beauty, caused by the in-built epicuticular wax that is naturally produced within the dry leaves

Just throw the coconut leaf straws in your backyard or any landfills. Remember these straws are made from fallen dried coconut palm leaves that were anyways destined to decompose naturally.

We do not recommend multiple use, though technically it is possible after careful drying after each use.

With proper package and storage conditions (dry and away from sunlight) Leafy straws can stay fine up to 1 year

Any pure organic material will get fungus when exposed to moisture and dark, coconut leaf straws are no different. With proper storage conditions Leafy straws will stay perfect until you use them and dispose..

Our standard size options are narrow (4.5mm dia), regular (5.5mm dia), wider (8mm dia) with lengths cocktail (140mm), regular (210mm) and long (300mm). Please get in touch with us for custom sizes.

Yes. We can make the edges strong enough to pierce packaged drinks with ease.

A big NO. We use dried and fallen coconut palm leaves which are generally incinerated or left to decompose naturally. A form of waste to wealth creation.

Coconut palm leaves have natural in-built cuticular wax with anti-oxidant properties and what you see is nothing but accumulated spot of this. There is nothing to worry about it.

Each coconut leaf straw weighs about 1 gram in weight.

Yes. Evlogia Eco Care owns the patent for the product and process of making Leafy straws from coconut palm leaves (Patent grant # 309356)

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